zondag 26 mei 2024

Het Licht After Dark

In these times of social distancing outside of your homeland, life can be bleak and depressing. Human connection is essential to healthy living. We must stay positive and creative to get through this difficult time. There are many services at our fingertips to sustain healthy isolation. I offer you the comfort of music. Not music determined by algorithms and lodged in your subconscious from strolling the aisles of your local grocer. I believe in supporting independent artists and giving them a platform while commercial airplay has quarantined them. I offer you a hand picked listening experience to discover art that is under the surface of industrial pop music. Please join me on Wednesday nights from 21:00-23:00 on Omroep Veldhoven 107.7. When times are tough we can join together in a safe place called radio. I hope you join me on my weekly musical journey.
“Het Licht After Dark” with DJ Rickdiculous only on Omroep Veldhoven.